AD Placement Options and Optimization In Tiktok


TikTok has gained the most popularity as a suitable medium for ad placements among social media platforms. TikTok’s advertising business is steadily expanding. This platform has emerged as a powerful digital advertising platform in recent years, initially best known for dance music videos. 

Tiktok accounts growth largely depends on its likes and followers count. Currently, you can use several platforms to speed up your TikTok traffic, one of which is Tiktokstrom. It is helping to make a wide range of fans on TikTok. If you are thinking about increasing your likes, followers or views safely then Tiktokstorm can be the best choice for you.

In this article, we will discuss the placement of Ads on Tiktok and how you can optimize your Ads effectively.

How to Place an Ad on TikTok to earn money?

Currently, TikTok ad placement is prevalent because now watching TikTok videos is auto-generated like an addiction and has made people addicted. And to earn money by placing ads on TikTok, you need many followers. To increase these followers, likes, and views, is now a widely used service. You need to know the Tik Tok Ad Placements options to place an ad on Tik Tok. How do you put an advertisement on TikTok?

  • To place an ad on TikTok, you must first open a business account
  • Turn on TikTok integration and then open the TikTok ad manager
  • Set your advertising goal
  • Select the audience and set your budget and schedule
  • Create effective ads
  • Once the ad is created, submit

What is the TikTok Ad Placement Policy?

Not only does TikTok help with video and placement, but even in ad placements you can choose images that are used in the TikTok apps newsfeed. You can upload your media as an ad either from the computer or from your TikTok library or create a new video and use a video template. The TikTok platform allows for the placement of a variety of TikTok ad formats such as feed ads, top view ads, brand takeover ads, and branded hashtag challenges. TikTok has some policies for ad placement

  • Advertisers will be responsible for the ads created.
  • Honest and safe promoting ads should be created
  • TikTok also does not promote alcohol products
  • TikTok does not publish any content that will harm any animals

How do you Optimize your TikTok Ads?

According to the data, TikTok can reach one billion active users worldwide. Then you understand how much you can promote your business with ad placements on TikTok. Currently, various brands are doing their marketing with the help of the TikTok platform. TikTok can be a great addition to your social media advertising strategy. But it would be best to optimize your TikTok ads because it’s necessary. And for marketing your business you should review your audience by Checking out the Followers tab to learn about your current audience. Let’s know how you can optimize your TikTok Ads-

  • Try updating your campaign goals
  • Review your audience
  • Try creating a creative ad
  • Check with your budget and bid
  • Partner with a creative influencer
  • Try to A/B test whenever possible
  • And now you are a TikTok App Optimize Expert 

And to make your ad placements successful on TikTok, take the services of, where you can promote any business and run a successful business.


If you have some idea about TikTok ad placements options and optimization, you can easily create creative ads, place them and optimize them. TikTok platform is a boon for many people who are trying to start a small business online and looking for a special medium for business promotion. But to use any software you need to know about its tools and follow the right guidelines. After creating a creative ad, the most important thing is optimization. By adopting the right way, you too become a TikTok expert.


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