Benefits of Student Tracking System


Change is the law of nature and the same thing applies to each and every small and big process going on in this universe. There was a time when students used to study with scarce resources and limited tutors. In those days students used to suffer a lot in order to quench their thirst for knowledge and information. Mostly they used to get knowledge or information regarding any subject or anything from their few available tutors who were only people authorized to teach or from the experience of their elders. But as mentioned above, time changed and brought a lot of favorable changes regarding the teaching-learning process. Earlier it was quite a difficult task for tutors to keep an eye on each and every student. Hence students as well as parents used to remain scared regarding student’s performance and also regarding small and big things related to the kid’s over status in academics. But today technology has changed the complete scenario of the education world. As we all know that progress of the human race depends upon proper education which inspires humans to search and find new things. Online learning has changed everything today and several innovative apps and software are helping students. Keeping track record of every single detail related to the academic performance of the students has become very important today with the help of STS Student Tracking System. Just like other apps in and software in education world STS Student Tracking System is a software which keeps an eye on and maintains the track record of all the necessary activities of the students related to their academic performance like their attendance, behavioral pattern and their level of participation in all other academic activities from their studies to extracurricular activities etc.

To have a track record of the students is very essential for tutors and learners too. This is a kind of assessment of tutors’ performance also and his or her tutoring effects on the students. This also makes sure that the planning and execution of study material and teaching strategy is working on students properly or not. STS online student tracking system has a lot of benefits, let’s understand them in detail. STS online student tracking system performs management on all of the data related to the information of the students. Such as what amount of the lecture’s students are able to understand and grab the details in them, this data makes tutors understand about those subjects where students are weaker in and enables them to plan their lectures and arrange their study materials to make their tutoring easy according to the student’s capacity of learning. Secondly STS also handles the issues related to attendance management, though there are apps related to it still focusing solely on only attendance this software performs other activities also while managing data related to attendance. By keeping the track record of attendance tutors become able to track the engagement level of the students in learning and so does their behavioral pattern regarding their studies. In this new world supported and assisted with technology, students always love to stay engaged with new gadgets and software and the same is done by STS. With the help of STS tutors can configure the level of engagement of the students in their particular and favorite field and can guide them in that direction of academics to make them enjoy learning in the direction of their favorite field of academics.

Being an AI based software it is so smart that based on the data and analysis done on the data gathered about the students, it produces such detailed reports which make the work of tutors very easy to help the students. It performs SWOT analysis itself on students’ reports due to which on the basis of these reports’ tutors are able to connect with their students in order to help in their weaker section of their learning and enhance their performance level. Such data helps counselors in counseling of the students where they become able to eradicate their issues and help them score better in their subjects. This software also reduces the pressure level from the school management and tutors, where it helps them in creating a better teaching- learning atmosphere in the school.


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