Breaking Down the Lyrics of Chris Isaak Wicked Game


“Get ready to fall under the spell of Chris Isaak’s sultry and mesmerizing hit, “Wicked Game”. In this post, we’re breaking down every line of the lyrics to uncover the hidden meanings behind one of the most iconic love songs of chris isaak wicked game all time. From its haunting melody to its seductive lyrics, join us as we dive deep into Isaak’s world of passion and desire.”

Background Information

Chris Isaak Wicked Game has been a popular song for over three decades and is still played on many radio stations. The song was originally written as a love song but has since been interpreted in many different ways.

The lyrics of the song are about a man who is obsessed with a woman and fantasizes about what he would do to her if he got the chance. He talks about how he would tie her up, spank her, and make her do whatever he wants.

Despite its PG rating, Wicked Game has been banned from several radio stations because of its explicit content.

The Lyrics of Chris Isaak Wicked Game

Wicked Game is one of Chris Isaak’s most well-known and loved songs. The lyrics tell the story of a man who is betrayed by the woman he loves and decides to take revenge on her. Wicked Game has been covered by many famous artists, including Celine Dion and Michael Jackson.

The song was written in 1978 and it was originally intended for Harry Belafonte. However, when Belafonte heard the song, he decided not to release it because he felt that it was too dark. In 1984, Roy Orbison recorded the song and it became his biggest hit.

The lyrics of chris isaak wicked game are very dark and emotional. The narrator tells the story of a man who has been hurt by the love of his life. He eventually decides to take revenge on her by cheating on her with another woman. The lyrics are full of Revenge fantasies and bitterness towards the woman he loves.

Despite its dark nature, Wicked Game is an incredibly catchy song that has been enjoyed by millions of people over the years. It is definitely one of Chris Isaak’s most memorable compositions

The Message of Wicked Game

Wicked Game is one of Chris Isaak’s most iconic songs, and for good reason. The song has a unique message that is still relevant today.

The song is about a man who is in love with a woman who is married to someone else. The man wants to break the woman’s marriage so he can be with her. The song has an eerie feel to it, and it’s easy to see why people might think the lyrics are about murder.

However, the lyrics are actually about obsession and betrayal. The man in the song is obsessed with the woman, and he ends up betraying her by trying to break her marriage. This kind of behavior typically leads to disaster, and that’s what happens in this case.

What the Lyrics Mean

Wicked Game is a song by American singer and songwriter Chris Isaak. Written by Isaak and produced by him, the song was released as the lead single from his fifth album, Wicked Game (1982).

The lyrics of “Wicked Game” describe a game of love played between two people who have grown tired of it being only a game to them. The song’s melody is composed in the style of a 1920s jazz standard and its lyrics are suggestive and romantic.

The song has been described as dark, foreboding, and erotic and has been noted for its distinctive sound and instrumentation. Upon release, “Wicked Game” became Isaak’s biggest hit, reaching number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and becoming his first number-one single in Canada.

Since its initial release, the song has been covered by numerous artists, including Bonnie Tyler, Julio Iglesias, Celine Dion, Sammy Davis Jr., Rod Stewart, ABBA, Rod Stewart & The Faces, Whitney Houston and Elton John. Read more…


In this final article of the series, we are going to take a closer look at the lyrics of chris isaak wicked game. As we’ve seen throughout this series, there is a lot of symbolism and meaning hidden within each song. In Wicked Game, we see Isaak referencing both his former relationship and his current one in the lyrics “I’m telling you what I know” and “We were friends once / But now? Now you’re just like all those other girls”.


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