Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees: What You Need to Know


If you’re planning a trip with Spirit Airlines, it’s important to be aware of their Spirit Airlines is known for its low-cost fares, but they do charge for various baggage options. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to Spirit Airlines baggage fees, helping you understand the different fees, allowances, and ways to save money.

As a budget-conscious traveler, understanding the baggage fees of the airline you’re flying with is crucial. Spirit Airlines, known for its no-frills approach and affordable fares, has specific baggage policies that travelers should be aware of before heading to the airport.

2. Understanding Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees Policy

Spirit Airlines offers different baggage options based on the type of bag and when you choose to pay for it. Let’s dive into the details:

2.1 Personal Item Allowance

Every passenger is allowed to bring one free personal item on board, such as a purse, small backpack, or laptop bag. This item must fit under the seat in front of you.

2.2 Carry-On Baggage Fees

Spirit Airlines charges for carry-on baggage. It’s advisable to pay for your carry-on when booking your ticket or as early as possible to avoid higher fees at the airport.

2.3 Checked Baggage Fees

The time of booking. Paying for checked bags online during booking or before your flight is recommended to save money.

3. Ways to Save on Baggage Fees

Travelers can minimize baggage expenses by considering the following strategies:

3.1 Join the “$9 Fare Club”

By joining Spirit Airlines’ “$9 Fare Club,” you can access discounted fares and reduced baggage fees, among other benefits.

3.2 Pay for Bags in Advance

Paying for your bags during online booking or money compared to paying at the check-in counter.

3.3 Pack Light and Efficiently

Traveling with only a personal item or a small carry-on under the seat can help you avoid baggage fees.

4. Excess and Overweight Baggage Fees

Bringing oversized or overweight bags can result in additional charges:

4.1 Exceeding Size Limits

If your baggage exceeds the size limits set by Spirit Airlines, you’ll incur extra fees.

4.2 Overweight Baggage Charges

Spirit Airlines charges extra for bags that weigh more than the allowed limit. It’s advisable to check the weight restrictions before heading to the airport.

5. Special Items and Sports Equipment

Traveling with special items requires additional attention to the policies:

5.1 Sports Equipment Policies

Sports equipment like golf clubs or skis may have separate fees or require advance payment.

5.2 Musical Instruments

Musical instruments can be brought on board as part of your personal item or carry-on, but larger instruments may need a separate seat.

6. Baggage Fees for International Flights

Baggage fees for international flights may differ from domestic ones. It’s important to check the specific fees for your destination.

7. Spirit Airlines Credit Card Benefits

Spirit Airlines offers a co-branded credit card that provides benefits like free checked bags and priority boarding.

8. Traveling with Family

If you’re traveling with family, here’s what you need to know:

8.1 Baggage Policies for Children

Children have the same baggage allowances as adults. If you need extra bags, consider purchasing them in advance.

8.2 Bringing a Stroller

Spirit Airlines allows you to check in a stroller and a car seat for free, either at the gate or at the check-in counter.

9. What if You Need to Change Your Flight?

If you need to change your flight, here’s how it can affect your baggage options:

9.1 Changing Your Baggage Options

If you change your flight, your baggage fees may be adjusted accordingly. Make sure to review the new fees before confirming the change. Read more…

10. Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are personal items really free on Spirit Airlines?
  • Can I pay for baggage at the airport?
  • What if my bag is slightly larger than the dimensions?
  • Does Spirit Airlines have a mobile app for managing bookings?
  • Can I bring my pet on board?

11. Conclusion

Understanding Spirit Airlines baggage fees is essential to avoid unexpected expenses during your travel. By planning ahead, joining the “$9 Fare Club,” and packing efficiently, you can make the most of your budget-friendly journey.


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