The Dos and Don’ts of Planning the Perfect Proposal


Proposing marriage is one of the most significant moments in a couple’s life, and it begins a journey that promises love, commitment, and companionship. Therefore, planning a proposal requires thoughtful consideration and careful planning.

Whether you pick a classic diamond engagement ring or a unique opal engagement ring, each decision should be made with a lot of deliberation. In addition to the ring selection, there are several other things that should be considered to make the moment memorable and create a lasting memory for both partners.

In this article, you will explore the dos and don’ts of planning the perfect proposal to create a meaningful and memorable experience for your partner.

Dos of Planning the Perfect Proposal

DO consider your partner’s preferences

Everyone has their preferences and tastes. When planning a proposal, consider your partner’s likes and dislikes. What are their favourite foods, colours, and activities? Tailoring the proposal to your partner’s preferences will make the moment more personal and special.

DO choose a meaningful location

The location can add a layer of sentimentality to the moment. Consider selecting a site with a special meaning for you and your partner. It could be where you had your first date, the location of your first kiss, or a place that holds a special memory for both of you.

DO personalise

Adding personal touches can make it even more meaningful. Consider incorporating your partner’s favourite song, poem, or quote. You can also create a scrapbook or photo album showcasing your journey together.

DO consult with friends and family

Consulting with friends and family can help you plan well. They may be able to offer suggestions or help with the proposal’s logistics. However, be sure to keep it a surprise from your partner.

DO consider the timing

Choose a time when your partner is relaxed and happy. Avoid proposing when your partner is stressed, tired, or distracted. It’s also important to consider the time of day and weather conditions, especially if you plan to propose outdoors.

DO invest in a quality engagement ring

An engagement ring symbolises your love and commitment. Consider investing in a quality ring your partner will cherish forever. For instance, if your partner is an unconventional bride, you can pick an opal engagement ring that is unique and would add a pop of colour and style to your proposal.

Don’ts of Planning the Perfect Proposal

Don’t propose without a plan: Proposing without a plan can lead to a lacklustre and forgettable moment. Take the time to plan, including the location, timing, and special touches.

DON’T propose too public: While grand public gestures can be romantic, they can also overwhelm your partner. Consider your partner’s personality and comfort level when deciding whether to make the proposal public or private.

Remember to practice: Practicing the proposal can help you feel more confident and prepared for the big moment. Consider rehearsing what you’ll say and how you’ll propose.

DON’T forget the small details: Small details can make a big difference. Don’t forget to consider the logistics, such as transportation, reservations, and any necessary permits.

DON’T rush the proposal: Proposing is a significant moment in your relationship. Don’t rush it or put too much pressure on yourself. Take the time to plan and prepare, and trust that the moment will unfold naturally.

Wrapping up

Proposing for marriage is a significant moment in a couple’s life, and planning the perfect proposal requires thoughtful consideration and careful planning. The above tips can guide you towards creating a meaningful and memorable experience for your partner. With these tips, you can create a proposal your partner will cherish forever.


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