What are the Symptoms of Low Semen Count? Know by Best IVF Centre in Delhi


When we talk about sexual health, men are very much concerned about their virility as we are about fertility.

There’s a common issue faced by a lot of men which is low semen, also known as Low Semen Count. It’s important to be informed about this problem and its symptoms to identify it which would help us to consult Best IVF Centre in Delhi, if we find any sign related to it.

Understanding the term “Low Semen”

Low Semen Count or Low Semen Volume, which is also known as Hypospermia, is a situation in which a man ejaculates a comparatively less amount of semen during an orgasm.

The volume of semen ejaculation varies from person to person, but on a general basis, it is considered to be 1.5 to 5 milliliters (ml). So if a man ejaculates less than 1.5 ml of semen constantly, then it means he is facing the issue of low sperm.

There are several factors responsible for a low semen volume in a man such as age, medical conditions, lifestyle, psychological factors, etc. Understanding these factors can determine appropriate treatment or changes in lifestyle.

Symptoms of Low Semen

As per the Best IVF Centre, clear information regarding the issue of low semen count is necessary as everyone should stay aware of these problems and should connect to the best doctor available if any sign occurs. Because we all know that, ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Presenting the symptoms below indicating the presence of low semen volume in a man.

Decreased Ejaculation Volume: The first and most visible indicator of low semen volume observable reduction in the amount of semen released while ejaculating. A constant decrease in volume of semen obtained can be a sign of Hypospermia.

Thin Semen: Men who experience an outcome of very much thin or watery semen may be facing the issue of low semen. Usually, the semen is thick and white in nature, consisting of sperm and other fluids. This can be a big sign of low semen volume.

Reduced Ejaculatory Force: Another main indication one can observe is a reduction in the force required during ejaculation. It means that there’s not much effort required to eject the semen out, penis has lost its earlier strength.

Infertility Concerns: Although hypospermia doesn’t directly indicate infertility, it can be seen as a considerable fertility issue. If a couple is trying to conceive and it’s taking lower than expected, low semen volume can be one of the considerable factors.

These above symptoms shouldn’t be taken lightly and one should instantly make a visit to a Centre for IVF to get a well-informed consultation.

The Conclusion

We shouldn’t compromise with our Low Semen Count in any manner. We should always stay awake in order to get guided in a well-informed way to recognize the reasons causing issues in fertility so that we can prevent ourselves and do change if needed in order to improve our lifestyle.

The symptoms of low semen volume in men are defined in an appropriate manner so that we can recognize the indications of their presence and consult an IVF Centre in Delhi with a good reputation. By going through patient testimonials and reviews of some well-known IVF specialists you can select the best one for yourself.

Getting aware and informed regarding the situations causing Low Semen Count is extremely important for every individual. We should take these problems seriously and if we find any of the above symptoms present in us then we consult the best specialists available in town.

You should be highly informed about the IVF Cost in Delhi. Remember, having an affordable treatment is fine but remember, you should not compromise with the quality of the treatment.


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