Why 66 EZ Slope is Perfect for Beginners and Intermediate Skiers


Are you a beginner or intermediate skier looking for the perfect slope to hone your skills? Look no further than EZ Slope! Located in the heart of the mountains, this slope is ideal for those just starting out or those wanting to improve their technique. With its gentle incline and breathtaking scenery, 66 EZ offers an unforgettable skiing experience that will have you coming back year after year. In this blog post, we’ll explore why 66 EZ Slope is perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers alike. So grab your gear and let’s hit the slopes!

EZ Slope is perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers

The 66 EZ Slope is the perfect destination for beginners and intermediate skiers. This slope offers gentle inclines that are easy to navigate, making it an ideal spot for those just starting out in the sport. The slope’s manageable pitch allows novices to master basic techniques without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by steep terrain.

What makes this slope particularly appealing to intermediate skiers is its variety of runs, which provide ample opportunities for skill-building and experimentation. With a range of slopes catering to different experience levels, intermediates can test their limits while still enjoying themselves on well-groomed trails.

Moreover, safety is always a top priority at EZ Slope. Skiers can rest assured that they’re in good hands thanks to the attentive staff who monitor conditions and ensure that everyone stays safe while on the mountain.

Whether you’re looking for your first taste of skiing or want to fine-tune your skills as an intermediate skier, EZ Slope has everything you need for a fun-filled day on the slopes!

What to expect at 66 EZ Slope

When heading to 66 EZ , you can expect a great skiing experience whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate skier. This slope is specifically designed for those looking to improve their skills and gain more confidence on the snow.

One of the main advantages of skiing at EZ Slope is that it’s not too crowded compared to other ski resorts in the area. You won’t have to worry about long lines and can spend more time actually skiing down the slopes.

The terrain at 66 EZ is perfect for beginners as it offers gentle inclines that are easy to navigate without feeling overwhelmed. For intermediate skiers, there’s still enough challenge with some steeper sections and twists and turns.

You’ll also find that the staff at EZ Slope are friendly and helpful, always willing to offer advice or answer any questions you may have about your equipment or technique.

When you head out onto 66 EZ, be prepared for a fun day filled with challenges appropriate for your skill level while enjoying beautiful scenery along the way.

What to bring to 66 EZ Slope

When planning a trip to EZ Slope, it’s important to know what to bring so you can fully enjoy your day on the mountain. Here are some essentials that every skier should pack.

Firstly, make sure you have proper ski attire. This includes warm layers such as thermal underwear and a fleece jacket, waterproof pants and jacket, gloves or mittens, a hat or helmet, and goggles or sunglasses.

Next, don’t forget about equipment. If you’re renting skis or snowboards at the resort, be sure to reserve them ahead of time so they’ll be waiting for you when you arrive. And if you have your own gear, double-check that everything is in good condition before heading out.

It’s also important to stay hydrated while skiing. Bring along a water bottle that can fit in your backpack and refill it at one of the many water stations located around the resort.

Consider bringing snacks such as energy bars or nuts to keep yourself fueled throughout the day. You’ll need plenty of energy for all those runs!

With these essentials packed up and ready to go, you’ll be able to fully enjoy all that EZ Slope has to offer without any worries!

How to get to 66 EZ Slope

Getting to 66 EZ is easier than you might think. The ski resort is located in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, just a few hours’ drive from Denver. If you’re flying in from out of state, Denver International Airport is your best bet.

From there, you can rent a car and take I-70 West towards Vail. Take Exit 195 for Copper Mountain Resort and follow signs for EZ Slope.

If driving isn’t an option, don’t worry – there are plenty of shuttle services available that will take you directly to the mountain. Summit Express offers daily shuttles from both Denver International Airport and downtown Denver.

Once at the resort, parking is easy with multiple options available including free parking lots or paid valet parking close to the lifts.

Getting to 66 EZ is simple whether by car or shuttle service which allows visitors more time on the slopes while avoiding traffic congestion during peak season weekends. Read more…


In conclusion, 66 EZ Slope is a perfect destination for both beginners and intermediate skiers. With its gentle slopes and friendly staff, it provides an excellent opportunity to learn or improve skiing skills in a relaxed environment. Additionally, the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains make it an unforgettable experience.

Remember to bring your warm clothes, ski equipment if you have any, and be prepared for some fun on the snow. Getting there is easy too!

Whether you are looking to hit the slopes for the first time or just want to brush up on your skills before taking on more challenging runs,EZ Slope has everything you need. Don’t hesitate anymore – pack your bags and head over there today!


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